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DYNASTY is the time we live in. DYNASTY is a platform for the progressive #resistance. 

Here's what we do at DYNASTY:
Visualize #Resistance We provide a wearable voice to the #resist movement. 
Resources: Information and paths to action to become involved with the communities and causes that matter to you.  
March: Up to date information about women’s marches, protests and rallies around the US.
Helping Others: DYNASTY gave 100% of proceeds from our signature DYNASTY collection to the Women’s March on Washington, from December 2016 through Jan 21, 2017. 
Further, we are contributing 10% of proceeds from all other collections to The Southern Poverty Law Center. Within 10 days of the November election, SPLC documented 867 incidents of hateful harassment in the US. DYNASTY supports SPLC's work to fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice.
Wholesale: DYNASTY products are available to retailers.
Contact Us:
For comments, collaboration, general questions, or order questions, contact us at: